My Blanket Is Finally Finished!!

So I’ve been working on this project for about 5 months. The problem with me is I tend to get distracted very easily, and then whatever I put down tends to not get picked up again. Anyway, I was making my dad a afghan for his birthday (which was in April mind you). I was two rows away from being done, but I couldn’t finish it in time, so I put it down… and forgot about it. Four months later I finally got the kick in the pants I needed to finish it up.

I think it came out pretty well! It’s large enough for a lap blanket (about 5 feet long by 3 feet wide) or something to cozy up with in front of the fire. I used dark blue, cream, and coffee colored yarn, with the coffee as the border (all Super Saver brand). It was based off of a picture I found on Pinterest, and I simply double crocheted the entire thing. Nothing special. But it is really thick and should hold up well.

Dad with his new blanket

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted on here, but I plan to do a lot more soon. Thanks for stopping by!



So, I started this project a few days ago to try out a pattern to make a pair of slippers. I made my first one and it came out pretty well! It is kind of lumpy, but I think my second try will be better.

I used this pattern, with dark blue red lion cotton yarn, and size 8 needles, so I manipulated it a bit. This pattern is super great because it is really easy, and only takes a pair of straight needles. This was a test run for a different pair I am making, and I think it will actually work! Hurray! I’ll post more pictures when I finish the real ones.


Hey Girl


So I was going to post something witty and insightful before class today but I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out my username/password combination. ¬†But I thought this was clever and pretty cute. Scott gets really annoyed when I show him everything I am doing step by step, but he still smiles and tries to be encouraging, which I think is adorable, even though I know he has no idea what’s going on. ūüôā

Anniversary Plans!

With my four year (holy crap, that’s a long time) anniversary with Scott coming up in a few weeks, I have been trying to come up with a great idea for what to get him. ¬†Every year I come up with something brilliant, but this year I just can’t seem to come up with something that will be up to the normal standards. ¬†Plus, there is the added stress of Valentines Day being less than a week after. A lot of people have suggested combining the two into a mega-holiday of sorts, but I kind of like celebrating them separately, because I think an Anniversary is more special than Valentines Day.

Scott is a huge Detroit Lions fan, and I have been looking for a shirt as a potential gift. ¬†This one from WolfSquadApparel on Etsy is very original and let’s face it, freaking awesome. ¬†Here’s the link:¬†¬†(support the fellow artists!)

Also, we recently discovered the “Favoreds” pack of Starbursts, which are amazing. ¬†It is just the red flavors, strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry. ¬†His favorite is the Strawberry, and I found on eBay that they sell just one flavor in bulk, so Scott may be receiving two POUNDS of Starbursts.

He has also been asking me to make him some slippers because it gets really cold in the dorms and he left his back in Oregon.  I was thinking about using this pattern:, because it is easy and I have never used DPN (double pointed needles) before. He picked out a blue at the store I might use, but it is a thinner yarn so I might have to find a different one.

Last year I made a scrapbook with the whole alphabet written out with pictures and inside jokes for each letter.  I set up a scavenger hunt in my dorm (not an easy task in such a tiny room) with clues leading to cookies and small presents leading up to the scrapbook.  He loved it! I want to make something sentimental like that again this year, but I am at a loss really.  Any ideas?

For now it’s back to Pinterest to try to get more ideas!

Stay classy internet,



Working the graveyard shifts at the desk gives me a lot of time to do homework. ¬†But, more accurately, it gives me a lot of time to knit and watch netflix. ¬†Tonight I am working on a scarf for my friend here, because he can’t handle the cold in Colorado being from Arizona. ¬†I’m using a simple garter stitch because I am a little rusty from break and need to get back into the groove of things. I’m using a bulky charcoal gray, with size 13 bamboo needles. ¬†This is my first real project using bamboo needles, and I have to say it makes a world of difference. ¬†When I first started knitting I saw the numerous options for knitting needles and couldn’t decide what size or type to pick. ¬†But, the metal ones were cheaper, so as a broke college student that was my best bet. ¬†For Christmas I got a bunch of bamboo needles, and it opened up a whole new world for me.

Tonight I watched the 1985 classic “Clue”. ¬†It was hilarious, I was pretty impressed. ¬†Recently, I have been trying to watch all of those “cult classics” that everyone expects a well versed self-proclaimed film nerd to have seen already. Slowly yet surely I am getting there, and netflix helps a lot with that (wow, for as much as I mention it I should be getting sponsored!).

Here’s a pic of the scarf so far!¬†Image

(sorry for the quality, the lighting is pretty harsh at the desk)

Stay classy internet,


Kindle Case

Here are some pictures of a case I made for my Kindle Fire.  It started out as a scarf, but I got bored and made it into a case that folds over with buttons to hold it secure.  I used a moss stitch, which made it more fluffy.  I knit a rectangle about two feet long and then measured out how long my Kindle was to sew in a pocket by connecting three sides.  Then I made button loops (because I cannot master the button hole to save my life).